Mark Bodē – Bodēs Erotica


It is impossible to know your history of Underground comics and Graffiti without mentioning the name BODĖ as in Vaughn and Mark Bodē.

Since the late 1950s the Bode family art has permeated pop culture and influenced artists, musicians and movie makers around the globe.

Bodē characters were used in the early train yards of NYC and made a staple in the world of graffiti by such artists as DONDI, MARE, KEL, SEEN, SHY and the list goes on to this day.

Vaughn was at the peak of his popularity when he passed away at the age of 33 but the characters he created like Cheech Wizard, the Bodē Lizards and Bode Broads live on through Mark who has spread the family style all over the world via paintings, murals and comics, toys, tattoos and clothing.